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When your Dog, steps out in one of our bespoke jackets, other dogs will be barking mad with envy.

They are made from cotton, with bamboo lining and either fleece or flannelette backing.

They are all machine washable as well.

They come in 10 different lengths: On this Page Order M to L

XS, 20cm (Chihuahuas & Pups)

S, 25cm (Poms, Toy Poodles, L Chihuahuas, Mini Foxy, Maltese, Small Terriers)

M, 30cm (Corgi, Pugs, Jack Russell, King Charles)

L, 35cm (L Maltese, Corgi, Pugs, Jack Russell, King Charles, French Bulldogs)

XL, 40cm (Beagles, Sml Kelpies, Cattle Dogs, Cocker Spaniels)

2XL, 45cm (Staffies, Sml Collies, Sml German Shepherds)

3XL, 50cm (Labradors, L German Shepards, L Staffies  & most large breeds)

4XL, 55cm (Larger Dogs)

5XL 60cm (Even larger Dogs)

6XL 65cm (Dogs that think they are mini horses)

We also custom make them to other sizes as well. Just send us an email or call to discuss.

How to choose the right size?

So that you can ensure your dogs new outfit is a perfect fit, grab a measuring tape and take just a few simple measurements.

If your dog is very wriggly or excited, you may need a helper and some high value treats to encourage him to stand still while you measure him up.

We use back length as a measurement, to find this simply measure the distance from the base of the neck, about the level of the collar, just to the base of the tail where the coat would end.

In order to find your dog's chest measurement, take your measuring tape, and gently encircle it around the widest part of your dog's chest. The tape should be snug but not too tight.

If you need a neck measurement as well, repeat the same process, this time encircling the tape gently around your dog's neck at the same level where the collar would normally sit.